Our first game plays in the context of a (rural) health center. What can practitioners working in these centers do to facilitate access for people with disabilities? What challenge do they encounter?

Players of the game are challenged to come up with solutions that can be implemented directly - and think of solutions that will ensure long term and sustainable access to their services.



Download the game

Fill in the instructions below and you will receive a download link to the files that can be printed locally or shown on a tablet. Check the language that is most appropriate for hosting your local workshop. Available to date are an English and Hindi version.

Order the game

Do you want a ready to use toolkit of the game? For €25,- you will receive the card set with all challenges, instructions and tips for facilitators.

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About accessibility

  • We are using 'Easy Language' for the story of the game and the challenge cards

  • If you download the game, you get a pdf document that can be read via screen reader software

  • You can zoom in on the text via a tablet or laptop

  • We are open for translations to local languages. But we need partners to do that. Please contact us if you are interested in this.