We love to work together with you to make the world a place where everyone is valued and where everyone can contribute with his or her talents and creativity!

You could work together with us in the following ways:

  • Introduce the game in your own organisation and to other organisations and networks. Play the game and give us your feedback.
  • Share your solutions for accessible health centers, accommodations at the workplace and other solutions for inclusive development. You could use the Facebook group.
  • Help us to develop new versions of the Game. We have received suggestions for a Game on Inclusive education, Inclusive local governance, Inclusive Humanitarian aid. Maybe you like to co-create a new module together with us on any of these topics or on another topic or sector. We have good experience: the Inclusive Business game has been developed with a team of seven persons.
  • Assist us in developing an online version or an app. It would be a great idea but we lack the knowledge and resources. Let us know if you have ideas on how to develop this.
  • Invite us as a partner in your programmes. We could set up a social innovation Lab with different actors to find solutions for current problems that are related to disability inclusion
  • …. Or in another way: we are open for your suggestions and ideas!